Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

We know how to analyze and solve disagreements - any type of disagreement. Whether we litigate, arbitrate, mediate or negotiate, we have the skill to achieve the successful conclusion of any type of disagreement or dispute, for plaintiffs and defendants. We regularly litigate in the Federal and State courts within the state of New York.

We approach every matter from the beginning as if we will take it to trial. We methodically research the most recent and nuanced of legal precedent while we methodically develop the proof that will inform a clearly communicated theme. Whether we are advancing a client's interests through legal motion, hearing, deposition, the joinder of additional parties or by trying the case, our task is to make our client's position resonate through a compelling presentation.

Above all, we are also pragmatists. If we consider a settlement to be in the best interest of our client, we will make that recommendation. If a case should be tried, we take it to trial. Everything we do is intended to advance the client’s position, while helping them to evaluate the benefits, costs and risks of litigation. In this particular manner trial preparation correlates with results. Regardless of whether we try a case or resolve the dispute in a different manner, the preparation and evolution of each case’s architecture is invaluable in achieving the best possible result.

Recently, our firm has defended litigation matters throughout the state, made by corporations, and the federal and state governments, sounding in claims of mail fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, RICO statute violations, theft of funds via conversion, illegal kickback schemes, theft of trade secrets, violations of restrictive covenants, theft of intellectual property by computer hacking, falsifying reports to state and federal agencies, and claims of intentional over-billing of the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

We invite an in-depth and rigorous discussion about any dispute that may occur.

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