Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Peter Birzon & Associates was founded in 2000, and since its inception has maintained a reputation for intellectual rigor, relentless investigation and a comprehensive understanding of clients’ issues. We regularly serve as lead counsel in significant, if not high-profile disputes. Our firm represents some of the largest and most sophisticated medical practice organizations in the state and serve these clients in almost every significant aspect of their operations. We have won and saved our clients millions of dollars in trials, arbitrations, settlements and negotiated resolutions.

Our practice has recruited and litigated with some of the most accomplished and effective lawyers in their concentrated practice areas. In our clients’ litigation matters, we provide counsel who were former judicial clerks, named Ivy League law school scholars and graduates from prestigious national law schools. The attorneys in our practice represent a diversified, carefully selected group who are engaged to understand and advise on the broad array of issues that inform a client's business or practice.

Our clients know and rely on our talent, commitment, creativity and consistency in delivering the consulting, guidance, advocacy and representation that is required in each unique instance. When we represent a client in a matter we listen carefully, educate them about the scope of their issue, and recommend the best course of action for the particular circumstance.

Attorneys are not given assignments based upon narrow specializations. The attorneys in this firm are required to grow as professionals and become generalists about our clients multi-factorial and comprehensive issues. Frequently we become a "go to" source for guidance, risk assessment, compliance, operational planning and long-term development, necessitating a deep knowledge of all of the transactional terms and regulatory schemes that inform and mold client’s businesses or practices.

Many of our clients have been with Peter Birzon for over a decade, and every single client has engaged our firm as the result of an existing client’s personal experience and referral. Our clients know and rely on our focus, standard of excellence, relentlessness, creativity and track record of success in a wide variety of practice areas for both plaintiffs and defendants. While a small firm, we have successfully defended and brought actions on behalf of our clients in extremely high stakes litigation, frequently involving millions of dollars. Our client relationships are indeed very personal and our responsibility to defend, construct, improve or strengthen our client’s profession and/or business is a very personal responsibility. We are privileged to represent our group of clients. We provide ongoing business and legal consulting services and are committed to ensure that the "right thing" is accomplished when serving our clients' interests.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of each client’s business, personal and legal needs. As a result, we have a better understanding and more efficient means of responding to a litigation matter that confronts a client, while more fully understanding the extensive scope of the client's interests by having participated with the client in each aspect of their legal and business history.

We have substantially reduced costs for our clients by proactively participating in the design, architecture and business plans of their practices and remaining well-informed about significant updates and changes in their circumstances. These ongoing communications continue long after a particular litigation or transactional matter is concluded. There is an invaluable contribution to the clients business and to the professional relationship by perpetuating open lines of productive, informed and well considered communication with our clients. We are often called upon to assist or provide judgment calls concerning the efficacy of litigation as opposed to alternative dispute resolution, mediation or negotiated resolutions. We provide judgment calls on new business prospects and potential wind down or divestiture of existing business operations.

An important part of our practice is to help our clients more effectively run their businesses and practices and provide a decision-making, evaluation and deployment process for achieving their goals. There is no substitute for experience, personal knowledge and sound business practice judgment. We understand what our clients want because we don't stop asking questions or exploring ideas until we are satisfied that we have a full understanding of our clients needs. We see ourselves as problem solvers hired to find enduring business and legal solutions. We are often called to structure best practice paradigms for clients who have come to realize that we understand their industry almost as well as they do.

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